Top Things To Do
in Melbourne

Our curated list of the best Melbourne experiences.
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Melbourne is truly diverse cultural hub, with more little laneways, hidden bars and incredible experiences than one can do in any week.

When you first arrive, knock the best ones off your bucket list and then see what else you discover along the way. Make sure to take the side roads and alleyways as you'll never know what you'll find...

Here's Claire's list of the best things to do in Melbourne:


State Library of Victoria

A Melbourne landmark and cultural icon, the State Library is a magnificent 19th-century building with some of the city's most beautiful heritage interiors. With little exhibitions dotted all round the spaces, it's great for a visit or to pass the day away with a good book.

Melbourne Central

Melbourne Central is a large shopping centre, office, and public transport hub in the city of Melbourne, Australia. Even if you're not into shopping, check out the unique shot tower and cuckoo clock and follow pathways into new parts of the city.

Federation Square

Federation Square is Melbourne's cultural and civic heart - home to galleries, restaurants, cafes, bars, tourism experiences and over 2000 events a year.

Heide Museum of Modern Art

Take a day trip out from the city to explore the unique modern art museum with three galleries & 15-acres of gardens with imaginative sculptures.

City Circle Tram

The City Circle is a free and easy way to see the major attractions of central Melbourne while travelling in the city's iconic W-Class trams. It's like going back in time! Don't expect there quickly but it will be a fun journey.

Queen Victoria Market

A historic landmark spread over two city blocks, it’s a vibrant and bustling inner-city Market where you can shop for everything from Australian fruit and vegetables, and local and imported gourmet foods, to cosmetics, clothing and souvenirs. Be sure to check out the evening night markets.

St Kilda Beach

While Melbourne's beaches may not be the dramatic coastline which Sydney boasts, locals signify downplay how stunning St Kilda is. There's always something going on; from the bustling Acland St's filled with gelato, restaurants and bars, to the beachfront with beach front dining. Take a book, bike, bottle of wine and enjoy the sun going down in expansive gardens and a great spot of people watching.

South Melbourne Markets

It might not be as big as Queen Vic, but you'll find this is the local's treasure; full of interesting shops, dining spots and fresh groceries where people stock up on the weekend. The neighbouring streets are home to some great craft, furniture and design stores. Well worth the visit.


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